Liquid Skin’s update….

Our film work Plucked, nominated for the Australian Dance Awards “Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film/New Media”, was described by the selection panel for the Australian Dance Awards: For a dramatic and expertly crafted film depicting an intimate reflection on life before death, and for a fascinating collaboration between dancer, theatre, video and music artists:

STONE premiered at Space 28, as part of the VCA tertiary end of year performances: 

‘Enter Question’ was in the AICD Dance Creation finals performances at the Malthouse.

Founded by Rochelle Carmichael in 1996, Liquid Skin is a small contemporary dance and physical theatre company based in Melbourne. Liquid Skin is well known for its eclectic and original performance works, engaging with highly skilled performers and artists from a wide range of disciplines.

“Rochelle Camrichael’s work is Fringe in budget only. If she had one-tenth of the time and money that Philippe Genty has to create a work, she’d be bigger than (Lion King director) Julie Taymor.”

- Chris Boyd, Herald Sun

“I don’t think of choreographer Rochelle Carmichael as a fringe artist. She has been diligently making dances for close to two decades, but often under the radar. Perhaps this is because the style of her work sits outside of the fashionable Melbourne post modern/ highly conceptual/self-referential style. “

- Stephanie Glickman 2010