Liquid Skin’s update….

Our film work Plucked, nominated for the Australian Dance Awards “Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film/New Media”, was described by the selection panel for the Australian Dance Awards: For a dramatic and expertly crafted film depicting an intimate reflection on life before death, and for a fascinating collaboration between dancer, theatre, video and music artists:

STONE premiered at Space 28, as part of the VCA tertiary end of year performances: 

‘Enter Question’ was in the AICD Dance Creation finals performances at the Malthouse.

Founded by Rochelle Carmichael in 1996, Liquid Skin is a small contemporary dance and physical theatre company based in Melbourne. Liquid Skin is well known for its eclectic and original performance works, engaging with highly skilled performers and artists from a wide range of disciplines.

“Rochelle Camrichael’s work is Fringe in budget only. If she had one-tenth of the time and money that Philippe Genty has to create a work, she’d be bigger than (Lion King director) Julie Taymor.”

- Chris Boyd, Herald Sun