Founded by Artistic Director Rochelle Carmichael, Liquid Skin is a highly acclaimed contemporary dance and physical theatre initiative, producing and presenting performances nationally and internationally since 1996.


“Rochelle Carmichael’s work is Fringe in budget only. If she had one-tenth of the time and money that

Philippe Genty has to create a work, she’d be bigger than (Lion King director) Julie Taymor.”

October 1st, 2010 PRINT – Review: Chris Boyd [The Herald Sun]


“I don’t think of choreographer Rochelle Carmichael as a fringe artist. 

She has been diligently making dances for close to two decades, but often under the radar.   

Perhaps this is because the style of her work sits outside the fashionable Melbourne 

post-modern/highly conceptual/self-referential style.” Stephanie Glickman.



‘Out of No Thing ‘, the concluding work choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael was strong, powerful and dramatic.

One to watch out for.”



“Clickity Clack & Aoroi are a bent mix of illusion, circus & muscular dance.

Low budget Philippe Genty. Only better! At Theatre Works.”

MelbourneArts  Chris Boyd


“We didn’t forget dance, of course. You couldn’t ask for much more drama in half an hour.

Which other show could deal with that many themes with that many actors and with such televisual pace?”




BeBlocks (formerly BlockHead) at Maroondah

















Image by Justin Batchelor. Batchedit