Devised and choreographed by Rochelle Carmichael & Co-Directed and Filmed by Justin Batchelor of BATCHEDIT.

Plucked shortlisted for The Australian Dance Awards: Outstanding Achievement in Dance on Film/New Media.

described by the selection panel for the Australian Dance Awards: For a dramatic and expertly crafted film depicting an intimate reflection on life before death, and for a fascinating collaboration between dancer, theatre, video and music artists.


First teaser:

Performed by : Tamara Donnellan, Rose Alice, Kathleen Lott, Sydney Green, Rebecca Magazzu, Libby Abbott, Luanne Hyson, Jayde MacDonough, Robert Brassington, Joseph Hateley, (Gasworks) Jay Bailey, Amber McCartney, & Kirby Casilli

Music: Jake Carmichael, Gelareh Pour, Textile Audio- Eve Klein, Russell Goldsmith, Anthony Winnick


Plucked is an intimate reflection on life experienced before death. This is the first major collaboration between Liquid Skin and BATCHEDIT. The resulting work will be presented in live theatrical and film formats, enabling a wider audience to see the work.














Development at Gasworks Arts Park

Red Swan:

Amongst Us:

The Dutchess of Hope:

Black Swans:


All Those Men:

Music Box :


In the Mangroves I Lay: